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Comprehensive description of all European growing areas, their grape varieties, traditions and legal rules with maps.

Description to Three lakes region in the north-west of Switzerland

Wine region in Switzerland extending over four cantons around the three Jura lakes Lac de Bienne (Lake Biel), Lâc de Morat (Lake Morat) and Lâc de Neuchâtel (Lake Neuchâtel). These large bodies of water have a positive influence on the climate for viticulture by reflecting the sun. The vineyards cover 945 hectares of vineyards with three areas. The Bonvillars area in the north of the canton of Vaud consists of the three appellations Bonvillars, Côtes de l'Orbe and Vully. In terms of wine law, however, only the appellation of Vully on Lake Morat belongs to the Three Lakes Region. The other two appellations, Bonvillars and Côtes de l'Orbe on Lake Neuchâtel, are also geographically located in the Three-Lakes Region, but at the express wish of the Vully winegrowers they are not included. Vully is also special because this appellation covers the two cantons of Fribourg (107 ha) and Vaud (50 ha). However, the winegrowers of Vully see themselves as one common wine region, although there is a cantonal border between them with different wine legislation. The canton of Neuchâtel includes areas on Lake Neuchâtel and a small part on the north-western shore of Lake Biel; a total of 605 hectares. However, the majority of the land on Lake Biel belongs to the canton of Berne.

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