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Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh AOC

Description to Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh AOC

Appellation for white wine in the south-west region of France, which is identical to the appellation Madiran (red wine). In the past, white wine and red wine were produced under the common AOC Vic-Bilh. The gascognac dialect name is derived from the "piquets-en-rangs" (stakes in rows) method of training, in which the vines are raised on high poles. Vic-Bilh" (Vieux Pays = Old Land) is the name given to the local hills. The name thus means "stakes in a row of the Vic-Bilh hills". The vineyards cover 300 hectares of vineyards in the Gers (3 communes), Pyrénées-Atlantiques (28) and Hautes-Pyrénées (6). The climate is oceanic with hot summers, dry sunny autumns and relatively mild winters. The deep yellow, long-lasting white wine with aromas of candied fruit and honey is blended from the autochthonous main varieties Courbu Blanc, Petit Courbu, Gros Manseng and Petit Manseng (60%, each variety max. 80%), as well as Ruffiat(Arrufiac) and max. 10% Sauvignon Blanc. Two thirds of it is produced moelleux (semi-sweet to sweet) and one third sec (dry) (the AOC designation Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh sec applies to the dry version).

Well known producers are Château d'Aydie, Château Barrejat, Château Laffitte-Teston, Domaine Berthoumieu, Château Montus (Brumont), Domaine Capmartin, Domaine Damiens, Domaine de Diusse, Domaine du Crampilh, Domaine Frédéric Laplace, Domaine Sergent and Domaine Tailleurguet. The "Plaimont Producteurs" community monitors plots of land with old vines under the "Conservatoire ampélographique", including those in the Madiran and Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh areas, see the municipality of Sarragachies (department of Gers), where a very special vineyard is located.