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Wine regions in North Macedonia 1 growing regions

Description to North Macedonia

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia became independent in 1991. For historical reasons, both Macedonia and (for the region of Macedonia with the three-fingered peninsula Chalkidike and the monk's republic Athos) claimed for themselves (see in this regard also under Macedonia). After many years of dispute, the two states came to an agreement in 2018. On 12 February 2019, the state of Macedonia was officially renamed to Northern Macedonia (Republika Severna Makedonija). In 2012 the vineyards covered 23,000 hectares with a production of 781,000 hectolitres of wine. The three wine growing areas are called Povadarja, Plina-Osogovo and Pelagonija-Polog.

It produces mainly red wines, small quantities of white wines and table grapes. Red wine varieties are Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache Noir(Garnacha Tinta), Merlot, Kadarka, Kratošija(Tribidrag), Ohridsko Crno, Pinot Noir, Plovdina(Pamid), Prokupac, Stanušina Crna, Teran(Terrano), Vranec(Vranac) and Začinak. White wine varieties are Chardonnay, Opsimo Edessis, Sauvignon Blanc, Temjanika(Muscat Blanc), Traminac(Traminer), Rkatsiteli, Žilavka and Župljanka. The designation for the quality wines of controlled origin is Vrvno Vino. Well-known producers are Bovin-Negotino, Lozar-Veles and Povardarie-Negotine.


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