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Unfortunately there is no information about P.D.O. Mesenikolas (O.P.A.P.) / Μεσενικόλας available.
P.D.O. Mesenikolas (O.P.A.P.) / Μεσενικόλας

Description to P.D.O. Mesenikolas (O.P.A.P.) / Μεσενικόλας

Appellation in the district of Karditsa in the region of Thessaly(Greece), named after the municipality of the same name. The vineyards cover about 100 hectares of vineyards at an altitude of 250 to 750 metres above sea level on the north-eastern shore of the artificially created Lake Plastiras. However, the wine may also be produced outside the zone as long as the vineyards are located in the district. The POP red wine is blended from the autochthonous variety Mavro Messenikola (zum. 70%), as well as Carignan Noir(Mazuelo) and Syrah (together max. 30%). It is vinified dry.