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Attikos Topikos Oinos/Αττικός Τοπικός Οίνος

Description to Attikos Topikos Oinos/Αττικός Τοπικός Οίνος

Greek landscape or region on the south-eastern peninsula of Greece with almost 3,800 km², in which the state capital Athens lies. Attica, together with the island of Evia (New Greek: Ewwia) immediately to the east of it and the region of Boeotia (Viotia or Vöotia) to the north of it, is referred to as Central or even more frequently Central Greece. The area was settled around 2,000 B.C. by the Ionians from the northern Balkans, who later became the most advanced tribe of the Greeks. Due to their proximity to the Orient, they achieved great prosperity and a high cultural flowering in poetry (Archilochos and Homer), architecture and fine arts (Ionic style). In the 9th century B.C. the Dorians pushed them to the Ionian islands named after them(Kefallonia, Corfu, Zakynthos) and to the coast of Asia Minor in today's Turkey, on the mainland they only remained on Attica and Euboea.

Landkarte Griechenland

Today, the large area produces one third of the Greek wine, but in contrast to the other Greek wine-growing regions, there are very few grape varieties due to the warm and dry climate. Around 90% of the vineyards are dominated by the white Savatiano, the standard variety for the resinous wine Retsina, which is produced here in truly enormous quantities. Almost all the rest is occupied by the Roditis variety, which is used mainly as a blending partner. International varieties are on the rise, however. There are no appellations classified as POP, but many PGE wines (country wines = Topikos Oinos) in red, white and rosé are produced. Well known producers are Cambas, Château Matsa, Evharis, Hatzimichalis, Kokotos, Kourtakis and Strofilia.

Map of Greece: From Pitichinaccio - own work, CC BY 3.0, Link
edited by Norbert F. J. Tischelmayer 2/2018

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