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Comprehensive description of all European growing areas, their grape varieties, traditions and legal rules with maps.

Leverano DOC

Description to Leverano DOC

DOC area for red wines, rosé wines and white wines in the Italian region of Puglia The zone covers the entire municipality of Leverano, as well as parts of Arnesano and Copertino in the province of Lecce. If the grapes come from classified vineyards, Vigna followed by the name of the vineyard can be indicated on the label. There are about 70 defined names, including Arche, Barino, Bunnari, Cannole, Cappuccini, Cardinali, Casilli, Cavaleri, Ciurlini, Cutura, Don Cataldo, Don Nicola, Felicetta, Fica Pazza, Giardine, Inside, La Chianca, La Diana, La Traglia, Lago Lavanari, Leverè, Lo Manca, Lu Pizzo, Madonna di Mezzo, Marange, Mascarana, Mieli, Ora, Padula Zecca, Palazze, Pampacasi, Papa Filippo, Papa Raffaele, Papagrazio, Pezzo della Casa, Quagliasieri, Rifugio, Saetti, Santa Croce, Santo Stefano, Saraceni, Scampuerru, Schiavoni, Specchia Nuova, Tobba, Torre Schiavi, Torricella, Trozza, Tucci, Zita Rosa.

The Bianco (also as Passito and Dolce Naturale) is made from Malvasia Bianca = Malvasia Bianca Lunga (50%) and Vermentino (max. 40%). Rosso (also as Novello and Riserva) and Rosato are produced from Negroamaro (50%), as well as from Malvasia Nera die Lecce = Malvasia Nera di Brindisi and/or Montepulciano and/or Sangiovese (max. 40%), as well as other approved varieties (max. 30%). The pure wines must consist of at least 85% of the respective variety and a maximum of 15% of other approved varieties. These are Chardonnay, Fiano and Malvasia Bianca, as well as Negroamaro Rosso (also called Superiore and Riserva) and Negroamaro Rosato.
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