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Kellerei Kurtatsch

Italy Alto Adige

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Name: Kellerei Kurtatsch
Foundation year: 1900
Address: Address 39040 Kurtatsch, Italy
Growing area: Alto Adige
Vineyard: 190 ha
Owner: Genossenschaft
Managing Director: Andreas Kofler
Wine Maker: Othmar Doná
Social Media:
Work time:
The current opening times can be viewed at https://www.kellerei-kurtatsch.it/en/contact/.
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Producer of premium wines, which regularly include even in international comparison among the best of its kind.
Kellerei Kurtatsch
The cooperative winery is located in the municipality of Kurtatsch (Cortaccia) in the Italian wine-growing region of Südtirol (Trentino-Südtirol). It was already founded in 1900. The Freienfeld estate...

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0.75 L
2016 Südtirol / Alto Adige DOC Riserva Pas Dosé "600 Blanc de Blancs"
32.00 €
89 WP - very good
Editor note: Clear, relatively cool, fine-vegetable to herbal, yeasty and a hint of smoky nose with citrus and po...
Favorite wine, chosen by Our Tasting Team
0.75 L
2021 Südtirol / Alto Adige DOC Müller-Thurgau "Graun"
14.90 €
88 WP - very good
Editor note: Cool, tart and bright, delicately yeasty nose with restrained pome fruit and citrus aromas as well a...
0.75 L
2019 Südtirol / Alto Adige DOC Merlot Riserva "Brenntal"
44.00 €
90 WP - excellent
Editor note: Firm and quite deep, somewhat meaty-animalic scent of ripe blackcurrants, blood, a little dried toma...
0.75 L
2016 Südtirol / Alto Adige DOC Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva "Freienfeld"
45.00 €
89 WP - very good
Editor note: Black and blue fruity nose with restrained, nutty wood aromas and minty tones. Very ripe, warm, part...
0.75 L
2019 Südtirol / Alto Adige DOC "Soma"
23.00 €
90 WP - excellent
Editor note: Firm, somewhat fleshy-animalic aroma of blackcurrants and a little red berries with delicate smoky a...
0.75 L
2020 Südtirol / Alto Adige DOC Pinot Nero Riserva "Glen"
23.00 €
88 WP - very good
Editor note: Relatively tart, a hint of ethereal scent of red and a little black berries with floral nuances remi...

The cooperative winery is located in the municipality of Kurtatsch (Cortaccia) in the Italian wine-growing region of South Tyrol (Trentino-Alto Adige). It was already founded in 1900. The Freienfeld estate in the centre of the village, built in 1521, was the headquarters of the winery until 1923. Then the present winery building on the Wine Road was built. Today the cellar of the estate is used as a barrique warehouse and wine archive and is the venue for exclusive tastings. Andreas Kofler is the chairman and Othmar Doná is the cellar master. We also organize vineyard walks with wine tasting.

Kellerei Kurtatsch

The vineyards comprise 190 hectares of vines, which are cultivated by 190 members in a sustainable manner. They extend - unique in Europe - from 220 to 900 metres above sea level, mostly on steep slopes. Following the French model, an ideal location-variety balance has long been the norm. The white wine varieties Weißburgunder (Pinot Blanc), Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio(Pinot Gris), Müller-Thurgau, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewürztraminer and Goldmuskateller, as well as the red wine varieties Lagrein, Vernatsch(Schiava), Rosenmuskateller, Blauburgunder(Pinot Noir), Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot are processed

On the slopes below Kurtatsch there are the best red vineyards, which with temperatures up to 40 °Celsius in midsummer are among the hottest sites in Italy. The Merlot grapes ripen in the steeply sloping vineyards of the Brenntal site on heavy, red loamy soil, which has great similarities with the French area of Pomerol. The Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc varieties are cultivated below the rock walls on loose, deep soils with a high gravel content. The heat of the milla walls favours an optimal physiological ripeness of the late maturing Cabernet grapes. The white wine grapes grow predominantly on steep calcareous soils at airy altitudes of up to 900 m above sea level and benefit greatly from the cooling nightly down winds.

With reduced yields, strictly controlled cultivation and pure vinification, terroir typical wines are produced. The wines are made from strictly selected grapes with optimal ripeness and uncompromisingly pure cellar management. Before bottling, a strict taste test is carried out. The extensive product range comprises over 30 wines. There are two lines: TERROIR (top line with special character of the area or vineyard, certain wines only in the best vintages) and SELECTION (first selection with reduced yields and strictly controlled cultivation program). Depending on the type and variety of wine, ageing takes place in stainless steel tanks, in large wooden barrels or in barriques. Premium wines include "Chardonnay Riserva Freienfeld", "Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva Freienfeld", "Gewürztraminer Riserva Brenntal", "Merlot Riserva Brenntal", "Cuvée Weis Amos" and the Passito "Aruna" (Gewürztraminer, Gold Muscat)

Awards of wine competitions

Year Name Wine Award
2018 Vins extremes 2018 July SÜDTIROL/ALTO ADIGE DOC SAUVIGNON KOFL 2016 Gold
Kellerei Kurtatsch Region: Italy Alto Adige
One of the best producers of the country
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