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Weinbau Pretterebner

Leithaberg Austria Burgenland

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The winery is located in the municipality of Zagersdorf in the Burgenland DAC area of Leithaberg (Austria). It was founded in 1986 by Christine and Dipl.-Ing. Rolf Pretterebner with the aim of produci...
Name: Weinbau Pretterebner
Area: Leithaberg
Growing area: Burgenland
Vineyard: 3.45 ha
Owner: Christine und Dipl.-Ing. Rolf Pretterebner
Wine Maker: Dipl.-Ing. Rolf Pretterebner

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0.75 L
1999 Blaufränkisch dry
16.00 €
Editor note: Mature nose, cedary notes and some tobacco, black and some red berries, dried vegetal and floral aro...
0.75 L
2012 Blaufränkisch dry
Editor note: Firm nose, light nutty notes, ripe black berries and some cherries, dried herbs, hint of tobacco, sp...
0.75 L
2006 Blaufränkisch dry Selektion, Alte Reben
Editor note: Mature, fairly open nose, dried vegetal notes andsome tobacco, earthy notes, red and black berries,...
0.75 L
2013 Blaufränkisch dry
Editor note: Fairly tart nose, light spicy notes and some old oak, black and red berries and some cherries, dried...
0.75 L
2005 Syrah dry
Editor note: Developed nose, some old oak and undergrowth, light animal and earthy notes, restrained red and blac...
0.75 L
2015 dry Gemischter Satz
Translate to English Editor note: Nussiger und recht animalischer, auch erdiger, unterholziger und getrocknet-vegetabiler Duft mit ver...

The winery is located in the municipality of Zagersdorf in the Burgenland DAC area of Leithaberg (Austria). It was founded in 1986 by Christine and Dipl.-Ing. Rolf Pretterebner with the aim of producing a wine in harmony with nature. At first, vineyards were leased and experience was gained. Today the vineyards cover two hectares of vineyards in Zagersdorfer Rieden. Some of the vines are over 100 years old and have been revitalized. Mainly the red wine varieties Blauburgunder, Blaufränkisch, St. Laurent, Blauer Portugieser and Merlot, as well as the white wine varieties Chardonnay and Weißburgunder are cultivated. The cultivation is carried out according to the rules of biological (organic) viticulture, symbolized by the winery's symbol of diversity. Important criteria are gentle pruning, strict yield reduction, appropriate care measures in the vineyard, as well as selectively harvested ripe and healthy grapes. For certain work, the phases of the moon are also taken into account.

The wines are developed with the aim of achieving a typical origin. The mash is continuously mixed in open vats by hand. Fermentation takes place spontaneously with the vineyard's own yeasts. In order to support these and to break down the grapes optimally, an enrichment by means of juice extraction is carried out if necessary. The yeasts are tested and selected in a sample fermentation. Towards the end of the alcoholic fermentation, the BSA is initiated with own cultures. After settling of the coarse lees, the wines are filled into barrels and a third is initiated with special, own cultures, in which, among other things, glycerine is formed. This phase can last up to three years. Before bottling, a gentle filtration without pumps is carried out. The high quality wines are produced in the "Reserve" (at least 2 to 3 years barrel ageing) and "Great Reserve" lines with (at least 3 to 5 years barrel ageing). Fine spirits (yeast, marc, wine, fruit) are also produced. The winery is a member of the Slow Food association.

Weinbau Pretterebner Region: Leithaberg Austria Burgenland