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Viña Mein, S.L.
Winery Wines

White wine 2015 D.O. Ribeiro Eiras Altas, Galicia, Spain

Type: White wine
Quantity: 0.75 L
Alcohol content: 12%
Bottle closure: Natural cork
Registration number: #VM-L-01EA

Wine Review Report:

Last reviewed: 15 November, 2017

DO area for red wines and white wines in the north-west of the Spanish province of Ourense in(Galicia) near the Portuguese border The name means "shore land". To the north is Santiago de Compostela, one of the most famous Christian places of pilgrimage, where the grave of the apostle James is said to be located. From several starting points in Europe, the place is the final destination of several pilgrimage routes; at the time of the wedding in the Middle Ages there were up to two million pilgrims annually. Already in the 16th century, wines were exported from here to Italy and England under the name Ribadavia (the main town of the area). These were mainly...

Autonomous region or historical landscape of Spain with about 30,000 km² in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, which extends along the Atlantic coast. In the south, the region borders on Portugal and to the east on the Basque Country, with which Galicia belongs to "green Spain". Separated by high mountains from Castilla y León, an isolated development influenced by Portugal has taken place. Native inhabitants were the Celts (Galician = from Gaul) in the west and the Basques in the east. In the 5th century the Germanic Swebs invaded and in 585 the Visigoths conquered it. After the liberation from the Moorish...

Viticulture in Spain has an ancient tradition, as vines were cultivated here at least 5,000 years ago. The Phoenicians founded the city of Gadir (Cádiz) around 1100 BC and traded heavily in wine in the Mediterranean region. The first flowering occurred in 200 BC, because the Romans loved the wine from Baetica (Andalusia). Development was halted by the Moorish invasion in 711. For religious reasons, the Muslims cleared large parts of the vineyards or only allowed the production of sultanas. They brought with them the art of distillation, which was not used for alcoholic beverages, however, but for essential oils, as...

Synonym (also Treixadura Blanca) for the grape variety Trajadura; see there.

Synonym (also Loureira) for the grape variety Loureiro; see there

Synonym (also Albariña) for the grape variety Alvarinho; see there.

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