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Fendt Weinfamilie

Germany Baden Ortenau

Winery Wines
Name: Fendt Weinfamilie
Foundation year: 2009
Growing area: Baden
Appellation: Ortenau
Vineyard: 4.5 ha
Owner: Jürgen Fendt
Managing Director: Jürgen Fendt
Wine Maker: JürgenFendt
Oenologist: Jürgen Fendt
Work time:
on request
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Producer of premium wines, which regularly include even in international comparison among the best of its kind.
Behind the "Fendt wine family" is the former Sommelier Jürgen Fendt. In addition to full-time viticulture, he is also active in wine Berater. He owns and leases 4.5 hectares of vineyards in two growin...

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0.75 L
2019 Spätburgunder Landwein trocken
10.00 €
Editor note: Slightly vegetal, earthy and almost a little fungal with restrained floral and red-berry notes. Rela...
0.75 L
2019 Landwein "KMT"
9.00 €
Editor note: A slightly planty and floral citrus scent with pome fruit aromas and yeasty hints. Slightly warm, sl...
Favorite wine, chosen by Our Tasting Team
0.75 L
2018 Spätburgunder Landwein
10.00 €
Editor note: Rather firm, yeasty, nutty and very slightly smoky fragrance with light red-berry nuances and a litt...
0.75 L
2018 Spätburgunder Landwein trocken "Mauerwerk"
20.00 €
Editor note: Astringent, somewhat nutty and dried floral scent of mixed berries and a little cherry with moderate...
0.75 L
2018 Spätburgunder Landwein
12.00 €
Editor note: Clearly vegetal scent of red and a little black berries with herbal notes, earthy hints and a hint o...
0.75 L
2018 Riesling Landwein
10.00 €
Editor note: Slightly dried vegetable and clearly yeasty aroma with rather light yellow-fruity and slightly veget...

Behind the "Fendt wine family" is the former sommelier Jürgen Fendt. In addition to full-time viticulture, he is also active in wine consulting. He owns and leases 4.5 hectares of vineyards in two growing areas. The vineyard in the Mosel growing area in the single vineyard Bruderschaft (Klüsserath) was leased to a friend of the family. In the Baden growing region (Ortenau area), Riesling and Pinot Noir are cultivated in the individual vineyards Engelsfelsen (Bühlertal), Sternenberg (Altschweier), Mauerberg (Neuweier) and Stich den Buben (Steinbach).The near-natural cultivation is carried out according to the premise "in harmony with nature" by hand with individual care of each vine. Various grasses, wild herbs, flowers, foxgloves and mullein provide natural habitats for insects, caterpillars, lizards and birds.

With the 2014 vintage, there was a complete switch to the production of country wine, because this allows more freedom. The wine lines are called STEINWERK, MAUERWERK and HANDWERK. The basis is the Cuvée SAUGUT and the FENDT wines. All wines are fermented spontaneously, the red wines go through the traditional mash fermentation. Depending on the type of wine, the wines are matured in stainless steel tanks, in large wooden bar rels or in barriques according to the vintage and are only marketed after a longer period of maturation in the bottle. Only in top years are wines from highly ripe, selected grapes matured in large wooden barrels or in barriques. Around 20,000 bottles of wine are produced annually. The winery is a member of Vinissima and Sommelier-Union.

Fendt Weinfamilie Region: Germany Baden Ortenau
One of the best producers of the country
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