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Domaine Faiveley

Red wine 2002 Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru AOC, Burgundy, France

Type: Red wine
Quantity: 0.75 l
Alcohol content : 13.5%
Price: Up to 100.00 €
Bottle closue: Natural cork
Variety: Pinot Noir.
Registration number : #DF-L075011

Wine Review Report :

Last reviewed: 30 January, 2008

The only Grand Cru location or appellation in the municipality of Vougeot in the Burgundy region of Côte d'Or. The famous vineyard was created by Cistercian monks in the 14th century. In 1330, it was enclosed by a high wall that still exists today, several kilometres long. The monks used it as an "experimental vineyard", with the soil types changing at short intervals, which was very convenient. They are even said to have "tasted the soil" to determine the composition or terroir. They used professional methods to test which grape varieties were best suited for cultivation on which soils, as well as the best...

The red grape variety comes from France. Around 300 synonyms testify to its great age and worldwide distribution in almost all wine producing countries. Important or or historically important ones are for example Augustiner, Auvernas, Blauer Klevner, Blauer Spätburgunder, Frühschwarzer, Klävner, Klebroth, Klevner, Möhrchen, Moréote, Schwarzburgunder, Schwarzer, Schwarzer Burgunder, Schwarzer Traminer, Spätburgunder, Süßrot, Thalroter(Germany); Auvernat, Auvernas, Auvergnat, Berligout, Bourguignon, Clevner, Formentin Noir, Morillon Noir, Mourillon, Noble Joué, Noirien Franc, Noirien Noir, Orléanais, Pignola, Pignolet, Pineau de...

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