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Bodegas Castaño, S.L.
Winery Wines

Red wine 2015 D.O. Yecla Castaño Colección Cepas Viejas, Murcia, Spain

Type: Red wine
Quantity: 0.75 l
Alcohol content : 14.5%
Price: Up to 15.00 €
Bottle closue: Natural cork
Registration number : #352422

Wine Review Report :

Last reviewed: 9 July, 2018
The DO area, named after the city of the same name, in south-eastern Spain in the region of Murcia, comprises only one municipality. It belongs to the Levant. Although the area under vines covers 20,000 hectares, only 4,600 of these are authorised for quality wine. The soils of loam over limestone with good water permeability are at an altitude of 400 to 700 metres above sea level. The climate here is continental, with hot summers and cold winters, as well as extreme variations in temperature between day and night. Red wine varieties are cultivated to over 90%. The dominant one with 85% of the area under vines is Monastrell, followed by Garnacha Tinta, Cabernet...

The red grape variety comes from Spain. The 100 or so synonyms testify to its great age and wide distribution. The most important of these are grouped alphabetically by country (the other main names are in bold) Mataro(Australia, California); Balsac Noir, Balthazar, Balzac Noir, Beausset, Bon Avis, Catalan, Clairette Noire, Espagnen, Espar, Marseillais, Morvede, Mourvede, Mourvedon, Mourvèdre, Murviedro, Plant de Ledenon, Plant de Saint Gilles(France); Negria(Greece); Rossola Nera(Corsica); Alcallata, Alcayata, Alicante, Benada, Benadu, Berardi, Garrut, Gayata, Gayata Tinta, Mataró, Monastre,...

The red grape variety comes from France. There are about 60 synonyms; some alphabetically grouped by country are Kaberne Sovinjon, Kaberne Sovinyon, Lafit, Lafite(Bulgaria, Moldavia, Russia) Bidure, Bouchet, Bouchet Sauvignon, Breton, Cabernet Petit, Carbonet, Carbouet, Carmenet, Epicier Noir, Marchoupet, Navarre, Petit Bouchet, Petit Bouschet, Petit Cabernet, Petit Cavernet Sauvignon, Petite Vidure, Sauvignon, Sauvignonne, Vidure, Vidure Sauvignonne(France); Bordo(Romania); Bordeaux(Switzerland); Burdeos Tinto(Peru, Spain); Cab(USA).

Cabernet Sauvignon - Weintraube und Blatt

Cabernet Sauvignon...

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