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Marani - Telavi Wine Cellar
Winery Wines

Weißwein 2018 Kondoli Mtsvane-Kisi, Kachetien, Georgia

Type: Weißwein (White wine)
Quantity: 0.75 L
Alcohol content: 13%
Price: 10.50 €
Bottle closure: Natural cork
Maturing: stainless steel
Registration number: #MTWC-L031019

Wine Review Report:

Last reviewed: 18 February, 2021
Largest wine growing region in Georgia; see there.

The Near Eastern state (Russian: Grusinia) east of the Black Sea in Transcaucasia is one of the oldest wine-growing countries. It is also named as the origin of the cultivated grapevine, which, however, according to recent research, is believed to be in today's Turkey in south-eastern Anatolia (arrow). According to the Bible, Noah landed on Mount Ararat at the end of the Flood. Allegedly, the 5,000-year-old clay jars found near the town of Wani in Imeretia contained seeds of the Rkatsiteli vine. Grape seeds from cultivated vines as early as 7,000 years old indicate selection for breeding better grape...

The white grape variety originates from Georgia; the name means "Green of Kakheti". Synonyms are Dedali Mtsvane, Dedali Mtzvane, Dedam Kourdzeni, Mamali Mtsvane, Mamali Mtsvani, Mamali Mtzvane, Mcknara, Mcvane Kachettinskij, Mtzvane Kakhuri, Mtsvane, Mtsvane Kachuri, Mtsvane Kakhetinskii, Mtsvani, Mtzvané, Mtzvane Kakhetinskii and Mtzvane Kviteli. The parentage (parentage) is unknown. It must not be confused with the variety Goruli Mtsvane (with synonym Mtsvane Goruli). It was a crossing partner of the new varieties Pervenets Magaracha and Podarok Magaracha.

Mtsvane Kakhuri - Weintraube und Blatt

It is a very old variety that is said to have...

The white grape variety originates from Georgia. Synonyms are Dampala, Kissi and Maghranuli. The parentage is unknown. The medium-ripening vine is very sensitive to climate. It yields white wines with aromas of dried apples, pears and mint. The variety is grown in the Kakheti region in the east of the country and is mostly blended with other local varieties such as Mtsvane Kakhuri or Rkatsiteli. It is also used for wines produced according to the traditional Kakhetian method. In 2016, 26 hectares of vines were reported (Kym Anderson statistics).

Source: Wine Grapes / J. Robinson, J. Harding, J....

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