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Dio Fili Estate

White wine 2008 Siatistinos Topikos Oinos/Σιατιστινός Τοπικός Οίνος Iliasto weiss, Macedonia / Μακεδονία, Greece

Type: White wine
Quantity: 0.5 l
Alcohol content : 15%
Price: 24.50 €
Bottle closue: Natural cork
Maturing: Used barrique
Registration number : #DFE147642

Wine Review Report :

Last reviewed: 17 March, 2011

Ancient Macedonia (Macedonia, Macedonía) on the northwestern edge of the Aegean Sea was a kingdom in northern Greece and rose to power under King Philip II. (359-336 B.C.) it rose to become a great power. He ruled over almost the entire Balkan Peninsula. His son Alexander the Great (356-323 BC) used Macedonia only as a base for his campaigns. The Macedonian kings were known for their ability to drink and Alexander was allegedly killed during a drinking session. In 167 BC the empire collapsed and came under Roman rule. When the Roman Empire was divided, in 395 the province was defeated to the Byzantine Empire. After an eventful history, the territory was divided between...

The white grape variety is by far the most common variety of Traminers (see detailed information there). The numerous synonyms are also used for other varieties such as Savagnin Rose and generally for Traminer. So you can't conclude from the name/synonym to the "right" game type without any doubt. The most important are Savagnin Rose Aromatique(Australia); Mala Dinka(Bulgaria); Clevner, Klevner, Rother Muskattraminer, Roter Traminer, Traminer Rot(Germany); Bon Blanc, Gentil Aromatique, Gentil Rose Aromatique, Formentin Rouge, Fromenteau Rouge, Traminer Aromatique, Traminer...

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