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Unfortunately there is no information about Vin de Corse AOC available.
Vin de Corse AOC

Description to Vin de Corse AOC

Regional appellation on the island of Corsica, which is part of France. The vineyards cover 1,500 hectares of vineyards, which are divided into several parts (No. 3 on map). The climate in combination with the poor soils and the sloping position of the vineyards allow only a very limited yield. Five communal areas have their own AOC status with somewhat stricter regulations regarding yield. This is a maximum of 50 hl/ha for the regional appellation and a maximum of 45 hl/ha for the communal areas. However, these can also use the AOC Vin de Corse as an alternative:

  • Corse Calvi (on the northwest coast, a region known as Balagne between Calvi and the Désert des Agriates)
  • CorseCoteaux du Cap Corse (northern rocky peninsula in the shape of a finger north of Bastia)
  • CorseFigari (deep south with municipalities of Figari, Monacia-d'Aullène and Pianottoli-Caldarello)
  • CorsePorto-Vecchio (in the southeast, with municipalities of Bonifacio, Conca, Lecci, Porto-Vecchio, San-Gavino-di-Carbini, Sari-di-Porto-Vecchio, Sotta, Zonza)
  • Corse Sartène (in the south-west, with the municipalities of Arbellara, Belvédère-Campomoro, Bilia, Fozzano, Branace, Grossa, Giuncheto, Loreto-di-Tallano, Mela, Olmeto, Olmiccia-di-Tallano, Propriano, Saint-Andréa-di-Tallano, Santa-Lucia-di-Tallano, Sartène, Sollacaro, Tivolaggio, Viggianello)

The white wine is made from at least 75% Vermentino and a maximum of 25% Ugni Blanc (Trebbiano Toscano). Red wine and rosé are blended from at least 33% Nielluccio (Sangiovese), 33% Sciacarello (Mammolo) and Grenache Noir (Garnacha Tinta), as well as Cinsaut, Mourvèdre (Monastrell), Barbarossa, Syrah, Carignan Noir (Mazuelo) and Vermentino. Important producers are Domaine de Canella, Domaine Culombu, Domaine de la Figarella, Domaine Filippi, Domaine Gentile, Clos Landry, Domaine Maestracci, Clos Nicrosi, Domaine de Piana, Poggio d'Oro, Clos Reginu and Domaine de Tizziano.

Korsika - Domaine de la Figarelle auf Calvi - Karte

Domaine de la Figarella: By Tigerente, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link
Map: By Vicenç Riullop - Own work based on Corse, Public domain, Link

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