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Comprehensive description of all European growing areas, their grape varieties, traditions and legal rules with maps.

Squinzano DOC

Description to Squinzano DOC

DOC area for red wines, rosé wines and white wines in the Italian region of Puglia The zone includes areas of the municipalities of Cellino San Marco, San Pietro Vernotico and Torchiarolo in the province of Brindisi, and the municipalities of Campi Salentina, Lecce, Novoli, Squinzano, Surbo and Trepuzzi in the province of Lecce. The Bianco is produced from Chardonnay and/or Malvasia Bianca = Malvasia Bianca di Candia (to 80%), as well as other authorised varieties (max. 20%)

Rosso (also known as Novello and Riserva) and Rosato are blended from Negroamaro (zum. 70%), as well as any use of Malvasia Nera di Lecce = Malvasia Nera di Brindisi, Sangiovese and other authorised varieties (max. 30%). The pure variety wines must contain at least 90% (for white wines) and 85% (for red wines) of the respective variety. The white wines are Chardonnay, Fiano, Malvasia Bianca and Sauvignon(Sauvignon Blanc). The red wines are Negromaro or Negro Amaro (also called Riserva and Rosato) and Susumaniello. There is a Spumante from all white wines, as well as from Rosato and Negroamaro Rosato.
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