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Comprehensive description of all European growing areas, their grape varieties, traditions and legal rules with maps.

Saussignac AOC

Description to Saussignac AOC

The small appellation is located as an enclave in the large Bergerac area in the wine-growing region of southwest France. Already in the Middle Ages the Franciscan monk and poet François Rabelais (1494-1553) in his famous work "Gargantua and Pantugruel" let the main character Pantagruel praise this wine. The vineyards cover around 100 hectares of vineyards in the communes of Gageac-et-Rouillac, Monestier, Razac de Saussignac and Saussignac. The sweet to sweet white wines are blended from the Sémillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle varieties. Well-known producers are Château Court-les-Muts, Château de Miaudoux and Domaine de Richard.

Karte von Bergerac mit Appellationen (wie z. B. Saussignac)

Map: From Cyril5555 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link


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