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Comprehensive description of all European growing areas, their grape varieties, traditions and legal rules with maps.

P.D.O. Peza (O.P.A.P.) / Πεζά

Description to P.D.O. Peza (O.P.A.P.) / Πεζά

Appellation in the district of Iraklio on the Greek island of Crete near the capital Heraklion. Peza is one of the four POP areas of the island; to the west of it are the areas of Archanes and Dafnes. The vineyards must be more than 300 metres above sea level. The deep red wine is blended from the autochthonous grape varieties Kotsifali (mostly 75%) and Mandilaria. The white wine is made from the grape variety Vilana. Both wines are vinified dry. Well-known producers are Creta Olympias Winery, Lyrarakis and Tsantali.