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Comprehensive description of all European growing areas, their grape varieties, traditions and legal rules with maps.

P.D.O. Goumenissa (O.P.A.P.) / Γουμένισσα

Description to P.D.O. Goumenissa (O.P.A.P.) / Γουμένισσα

Appeal northwest of Thessaloniki in the southwest of the Kilkis district in the Greek region of Macedonia. After the destruction of the majority of the vineyards by phylloxera, which appeared in 1917, there was only a revival from the 1970s onwards. The Boutari winery made a decisive contribution to this development through the national and international distribution of wines, as well as the successful efforts to achieve OPAP classification in 1979. The vineyards cover about 320 hectares of mostly easterly facing vineyards at the foot of the Paiko (1,650 m). They must be above 150 metres above sea level, so another 250 hectares may not use the name. The maritime continental climate is characterized by warm summers and cool winters.

The dry POP red wine is made from the autochthonous varieties Xinomavro and Negoska (here also Goumenissas Mavro; zum. 20%), whereby a common maceration and fermentation is prescribed. Well known producers are Aidarinis, Arhontaki, Boutari, Chatzivaritis, Eftihdi, Kelesidis, Tatsis, Ligas and Titos.