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Description to Crimea

Peninsula on the Black Sea with the capital Simferopol and the famous spa resort Yalta on the south coast. The Crimea, which covers 25,600 km², is an independent republic and one of the four wine-growing regions of Ukraine. It is the home of the famous Crimean sparkling wine. The city of Sudak on the Black Sea is a famous health resort and a centre of wine and sparkling wine production. Nearby is the sunny region Solnechnaya Dolina (Sun Valley) with 300 sunny days a year, after which a large winery is named. Furthermore, the Magarach Viticulture Research Institute and the historic wineries of Massandra and Nowyj Swet are also located here.

In February 2014 the situation was similar to civil war. The "Crimean crisis" subsequently led to a referendum in which the majority of the population of the Crimea allegedly voted in favour of joining the Russian Federation (according to estimates, however, only around 30-50% of the Crimean population was in favour of secession, of which around 50-60% were in favour). Ukraine continues to see Crimea as an autonomous republic and part of its own territory, while Russia sees Crimea as a separate federal district. The UN has declared the referendum invalid by a large majority, so a final status is still open.