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Côteaux d'Ancenis AOC

Description to Côteaux d'Ancenis AOC

The appellation, named after the commune of Ancenis, is located in the east of the French wine region of Loire as an enclave of the large Pays Nantais area. The former VDQS area was only classified as AOP in 2010. It is almost identical to the Muscadet-Coteaux de la Loire area. The vineyards cover 260 hectares of vineyards on both banks of the upper reaches of the Loire in almost 30 communes of the departments Maine-et-Loire and Loire-Atlantique between the cities of Angers and Nantes. Four types of wine are produced, each of which is a pure variety and must bear the name of the grape variety on the label. The rosé and red wines account for over 80% of production and are blended from Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Gamay, and a maximum of 5% of the GamayTeinturierde Chaudenay and Gamay Teinturier de Bouze. The white wines are produced from Pineau de la Loire(Chenin Blanc) and Malvoisie(Pinot Blanc). Well known producers are Jacques Guindon, Domaine des Galloires and Domaine des Génaudières.


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