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Comprehensive description of all European growing areas, their grape varieties, traditions and legal rules with maps.

Colli Berici DOC

Description to Colli Berici DOC

DOC area for a wide range of white and red wines in the Italian Veneto region. The zone covers around 1,300 hectares of vineyards with a total of 28 municipalities in the province of Vicenza. These are in the complete area Albettone, Alonte, Altavilla Vicentina, Arzignano, Barbarano Vicentino, Brendola, Castegnero, Grancona, Mossano, Nanto, Orgiano, San Germano dei Berici, Sovizzo, Villaga and Zovencedo, and parts of Asigliano Veneto, Campiglia dei Berici, Creazzo, Longare, Lonigo, Montebello Vicentino, Montecchio Maggiore, Montegalda, Montegaldella, Monteviale, Sarego, Sossano and Vicenza. The Barbarano subzone includes the municipalities of Longare, Castegnero, Villaga, Barbarano Vicentino, Mossano and Nanto

The pure variety wines must contain at least 85% of the respective variety, the remaining 15% may be other approved varieties. The white wines are Chardonnay, Garganego(Garganega), Manzoni Bianco, Pinot Bianco(Pinot Blanc), Pinot Grigio(Pinot Gris), Sauvignon(Sauvignon Blanc) and Tai(Sauvignonasse). The red wines are Cabernet (CF and/or CS), Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenère, Merlot, Pinot Nero(Pinot Noir) and Tai Rosso(Garnacha Tinta)

The Bianco (also as Frizzante, Spumante and Passito) must consist of at least 50% Garganega, the Rosso (also as Novello) of at least 50% Merlot and the Spumante (also as Rosato) of at least 50% Chardonnay. The remaining 50% can be other authorised varieties for all three wines. The Barbarano Rosso (also as Spumante) must be made of 100% pure Tai Rosso. As Riserva there are the wine types Cabernet, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenère, Merlot, Rosso, Barbarano Rosso and Tai Rosso.


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