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Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOC

Description to Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOC

DOCG area for red wine in the south of the Italian region or on the island of Sicily. The high classification as the first Sicilian DOCG wine took place in 2005, and includes sub-areas of the municipalities of Acate, Chiaramonte Gulfi, Comiso, Santa Croce Camerina, Ragusa and Vittoria in the province of Ragusa, Butera, Gela, Mazzarino, Niscemi and Riesi in the province of Caltanissetta, and Caltagirone, Licodia Eubea and Mazzarrone in the province of Catania. The historical area Classico includes some of these. If the grapes come from classified vineyards, Vigna followed by the name of the vineyard can be indicated on the bottle label.

The wine, which is similar to a rosé (cerasuolo = cherry red), is blended from Nero d'Avola (50 to 70%) and Frappato (30 to 50%). Cerasuolo di Vittoria may be marketed from 1 June of the year following the harvest at the earliest, Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico not before 31 March of the second year following the harvest. This extremely long-lasting red wine can be stored for two or more decades. Well known producers are Planeta, Valle dell'Acate and Azienda Agricola COS. There is also a DOC area Vittoria with red and white wines.