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Weingut Heymann-Löwenstein

Germany Mosel Terrassenmosel

Weingut Heymann-Löwenstein
The winery is located in the municipality of Winningen (area of Burg Cochem, or Terrassenmosel) in the German Mosel wine growing region. It was founded in 1980 by Dipl. Ing. agr. Reinhard Löwenstein a...
Name: Weingut Heymann-Löwenstein
Foundation year: 1980
Address: Address 56333 Winningen, Germany
Growing area: Mosel
Vineyard: 14 ha
Owner: Sarah Löwenstein, Cornelia Heymann-Löwenstein & Reinhard Löwenstein
Wine Maker: Sarah Löwenstein, Kathrin Höhler
Phone: Phone
Fax: Fax
Website: www.hl.wine
Social Media:
Associations: VDP & FAIR'N GREEN
Work time:
Wine shop on Friday and Saturday 11:oo - 18:oo and by appointment
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The wines of these establishments count every year to the absolute best of its kind and is almost unrivaled in the top - and that regardless of vintage variations. But the simpler plants are almost invariably excellent. Weaknesses, there are virtually no, and mediocre wines are as good as never before.
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0.75 L
2009 Hatzenport Stolzenberg Erste Lage
91 WP - Excellent
Translate to English Editor note: Nussiger, getrocknet-pflanzlicher und gelb-gewürziger Duft nach teils kandierten gelben Früchten mit...
0.75 L
2009 Schieferterrassen
86 WP - Very good
Translate to English Editor note: Entwickelte, deutlich vegetabile Nase mit gelbfruchtigen, kräuterigen und ganz leicht speckigen Töne...
0.75 L
2009 von blauem Schiefer
87 WP - Very good
Translate to English Editor note: Etwas nussiger und ein wenig getrocknet-pflanzlicher Duft mit gelbfruchtigen Noten sowie floralen un...
Favorite wine, chosen by Our Tasting Team
0.75 L
2017 Winningen Uhlen Riesling Grosses Gewächs dry R - Terroir Roth Lay
94 WP - Excellent
Editor note: Light dried floral and vegetal notes on the nose, yellow fruit aromas, hint of tobacco, touch of yel...
0.75 L
2018 Winningen Röttgen Riesling Grosses Gewächs
92 WP - Excellent
31.00 €
Editor note: Dried vegetal notes on the nose, hint of tobacco, prominent earthy and mineral notes, ripe yellow fr...
0.75 L
2018 Hatzenport Kirchberg Riesling Grosses Gewächs
90 WP - Excellent
24.00 €
Editor note: Vegetal and herbaceous notes on the nose, smoky traces, light yellow fruit aromas, touch of yellow s...

The winery is located in the municipality of Winningen (area of Burg Cochem, or Terrassenmosel) in the German Moselle wine growing region. It was founded in 1980 by Dipl. Ing. agr. Reinhard Löwenstein and his wife Cornelia Heymann-Löwenstein and has been developed into an outstanding quality business. Löwenstein is one of Germany's top winegrowers and is often referred to as the "Rebel of the Moselle" because he has dedicated himself to an extreme and uncompromising quality philosophy for many years. He coined the term Terrassenmosel, which describes the area of the lower Moselle valley, which is characterised by extremely steep, terraced vineyards and sandy slates. The vineyards comprise 14 hectares of vines in the individual sites Kirchberg and Stolzenberg (Hatzenport), which are classified as by the VDP, and Röttgen and Uhlen in the areas Blaufüßer Lay, Laubach and Roth Lay (Winningen). They are 98% planted with Riesling.Pinot Noir (Pinot Noir), which is produced in cooperation with the Ziereisen winery(Baden), accounts for 2%.

The sustainable management of the vineyards, the cellar and the entire business is carried out according to certified Fair'n Green rules. Reinhard Löwenstein is fully committed to the terroir concept and, according to his own statement, vinifies his wines with the aim of "condensing the creative synthesis of soil, vines, microclimate and the skills of the winemaker into a unique, authentic sensory experience of the wines". The product range is structured according to the VDP classification model. In principle, the wines are fermented spontaneously without the use of pure yeasts. All additives such as bentonite and enzymes are rejected. Among the premium wines of the house are "RÖTTGEN GG" and "UHLEN Roth Lay GG". In years suitable for the weather, and Trockenbeerenauslese are also pressed. Fine spirits (yeast, marc) and bottle-fermented sparkling wines are also produced. The winery is a member of the VDP (Verband deutscher Prädikatsweingüter). Reinhard Löwenstein was significantly involved in the development of the Fair'n Green guidelines and is on the board of directors of the group. He was also co-initiator of "Twin-Wineries", a partnership between Israeli and German wineries.

Weingut Heymann-Löwenstein Region: Germany Mosel Terrassenmosel
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