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Weingut A. Christmann

Germany Pfalz Mittelhaardt/Deutsche Weinstraße

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Weingut A. Christmann
The traditional winery is located in the community of Neustadt-Gimmeldingen (area Mittelhaardt-Deutsche Weinstraße) in the German wine region Pfalz. It was founded in 1845 by the two cousins Johann Ma...
Name: Weingut A. Christmann
Foundation year: 1798
Address: Address 67435 Neustadt-Gimmeldingen, Germany
Growing area: Pfalz
Vineyard: 21 ha
Owner: Steffen Christmann
Manager: Florian Hoffmann
Wine Maker: Oskar Micheletti
Associations: VDP & Respekt Biodyn

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Vin Lorenc GmbH Düsseldorf, Germany

genuss7.de GmbH Schönaich, Germany

VINELLO - c/o cusati GmbH Dresden, Germany

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The wines of these establishments count every year to the absolute best of its kind and is almost unrivaled in the top - and that regardless of vintage variations. But the simpler plants are almost invariably excellent. Weaknesses, there are virtually no, and mediocre wines are as good as never before.
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Favorite wine, chosen by Our Tasting Team
0.75 L
2015 Gimmeldingen Biengarten Riesling VDP.Erste Lage dry
89 WP - very good What our ratings mean
29.00 €
Editor note: Cool, somewhat vegetal to herbal and still a hint of yeasty scent with citrus and stone fruit aromas...
0.75 L
2019 Gimmeldingen Weißburgunder VDP.Ortswein dry "Pfarrwingert"
87 WP - very good What our ratings mean
20.00 €
Editor note: Yeasty and delicately smoky fragrance with light yellow fruity and cool herbal aromas. Very dry, coo...
0.75 L
2018 Gimmeldingen Biengarten Spätburgunder VDP.Erste Lage
90 WP - excellent What our ratings mean
42.00 €
Editor note: Clear, cool, quite polished, delicately peppery fragrance with fresh red-berry aromas, a little cher...
0.75 L
2018 Gimmeldingen Spätburgunder VDP.Ortswein dry
89 WP - very good What our ratings mean
22.50 €
Editor note: Firm, smoky and a hint of bacon, also slightly nutty scent of red and black berries with delicate mu...
0.75 L
2018 Königsbach Ölberg Spätburgunder VDP.Erste Lage dry
89 WP - very good What our ratings mean
36.00 €
Editor note: Somewhat smoky and moderately woody-spicy, yet relatively cool fragrance of predominantly red berrie...
0.75 L
2018 Königsbach Idig Spätburgunder Grosses Gewächs dry
90 WP - excellent What our ratings mean
68.00 €
Editor note: Somewhat dried vegetal and bacon-like scent of red and black fruits with cherry, herbal, bread crust...

The traditional winery is located in the community of Neustadt-Gimmeldingen (area Mittelhaardt-Deutsche Weinstraße) in the German wine region Palatinate. It was founded in 1845 by the two cousins Johann Martin Häusser and Prof. Dr. Louis Häusser. In the next generation, the viticulture became a real estate business by marrying the daughter of a Gimmeldingen winery owner. Finally the founder's granddaughter Henriette Häusser married Eduard Christmann in 1894. Today the estate bears the name of her son Arnold. Since 1996, Steffen Christmann has been running the business in the seventh generation of the family.

The vineyards cover 21 hectares of vineyards in the individual locations Biengarten, Kapellenberg, Mandelgarten and Schlössel (Gimmeldingen), Eselshaut (Mußbach), Idig and Ölberg (Königsbach), Linsenbusch, Nußbien, Reiterpfad and Spieß (Ruppertsberg) as well as Herrgottsacker, Langenmorgen, Leinhöhle, Mäushöhle and Paradiesgarten (Deidesheim). About two thirds of the vineyards are planted with Riesling, as well as Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Muscatel. With the 2004 vintage, after having practiced ecology for a long time, we switched completely to biodynamic viticulture. As far as possible, the work is based on the phases of the moon. Plant protection is carried out by using plant tea and biodynamic preparations with a complete renunciation of herbicides and insecticides. The nitrogen supply is supported by legumes (clover).

The wines are marketed according to the VDP classification model. All winemaking methods are subordinated to the goal of preserving the fruity taste of the grapes in the purest possible form and producing wines that are related to the terroir. This includes gentle long pressing at low pressure, pre-clarification by natural settling and slow but not too cool fermentation, no fining and treatment of the young wines and a one-off filtration. For red wines, a classic maceration on the skins, a long barrique ageing with biological acid reduction and bottling without sharp filtration are practised. The winery is a member of the VDP, as well as of the associations Respekt and Renaissance de Appellation.

Weingut A. Christmann Region: Germany Pfalz Mittelhaardt/Deutsche Weinstraße
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