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Wachtenburg Winzer eG

Germany Pfalz Mittelhaardt/Deutsche Weinstraße

The "Wachtenburg Winzer eG" with its headquarters in the community of Wachenheim (area Mittelhaardt-Deutsche Weinstraße) in the German wine-growing region Pfalz was founded in 1900 by 53 Palatinate wi...
Name: Wachtenburg Winzer eG
Growing area: Pfalz
Vineyard: 320 ha
Managing Director: Albert Kallfelz
Wine Maker: Theo Baßler
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0.75 L
2012 Weißburgunder dry Edition "Selektive Lese"
9.50 €
Translate to English Editor note: Herber, pflanzlicher Duft mit gelbfruchtigen, ganz leicht floralen und erdigen Noten. Süßliche und z...
0.75 L
2012 Wachenheim Schenkenböhl Chardonnay late harvest (Spaetlese) semi-Sweet Premium Wachtenburg
7.50 €
Translate to English Editor note: Deutlich vegetabiler Duft mit Aromen eingemachter und kandierter gelber Früchte sowie leicht krautig...
0.75 L
2012 Wachenheim Schenkenböhl Gewürztraminer Kabinett sweet
4.40 €
Translate to English Editor note: Vegetabiler Duft nach Rosenholz, Zitrusfrüchten und Litschi mit floralen und pflanzlichen Tönen. Im...
0.75 L
2012 Wachenheim Altenburg Riesling late harvest (Spaetlese) dry Premium Wachtenburg
9.50 €
Translate to English Editor note: Etwas getrocknet-pflanzlicher Zitrusduft mit Kern- und Steinobstaromen sowie leicht erdigen Nuancen....
0.75 L
2012 Wachenheim Schenkenböhl Riesling dry Edition "Selektive Lese"
7.30 €
Translate to English Editor note: Zitrus-Steinobstduft mit erdig-mineralischen, etwas schwarzbeerigen und ganz leicht vegetabilen Arom...
1 L
2012 Wachenheim Schenkenböhl Riesling Kabinett sweet
4.60 €
Translate to English Editor note: Deutlich herb-pflanzliche Nase mit Zitrus- und Apfelnoten. Schlanke, süßliche Frucht, deutlich pflan...

The "Wachtenburg Winzer eG" with its headquarters in the community of Wachenheim (area Mittelhaardt-Deutsche Weinstraße) in the German wine-growing region Palatinate was founded in 1900 by 53 Palatinate winegrowers as a winegrowers' cooperative. The eponymous castle as a landmark of the community is emblazoned on the bottle label. Walter Reichardt is the first member of the board of directors, Werner Reichert is responsible as cellar master. Today, 58 winegrowing families cultivate a total of 335 hectares of vineyards in the individual vineyards of Altenburg, Bischofsgarten, Böhlig, Fuchsmantel, Gerümpel, Königswingert, Luginsland, Mandelgarten, Pechstein and Schlossberg, as well as Ungeheuer (forest). They are with the white wine varieties Riesling, Chardonnay,Pinot Blanc, PinotGris, Gewürztraminer, Kerner, Morio-Muscat, Müller-Thurgau, Scheurebe, Huxelrebe and Silvaner, as well as the red wine varietiesPinot Noir, Frühburgunder, Dornfelder, Acolon, Regent, St. Laurent, The vines are planted with blue Portuguese, black Riesling(Pinot Meunier), Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Quality criteria are defined for the winegrowing enterprises. One day before the harvest, the vineyards are once again assessed by an external consultant to guarantee healthy and fully ripe grapes. For the "Premium" line, only grapes from vines at least 15 years old may be delivered. In addition, the vineyards must be completely halved and the grape yield must not exceed 7,000 kg/ha or 5,000 litres. For the "Selective Harvest" line, the yield is limited to 10,000 kg without compulsory halving. The wide range of products includes white, rosé and red wines in the lines Liter Wines, Varietal Wines, Selective Harvest and Premium Wines, as well as Secco (sparkling wines) and bottle-fermented vintage sparkling wines. In years with suitable weather conditions, wines from Beerenauslese to Eiswein are also produced.

Special grape qualities can be processed very gently without pumping. The white wines are fermented completely and chilled. The fermentation is partly spontaneous and partly with pure yeasts. Basically, the aim is to as long as possible. For semi-dry and residual sweet wines, fermentation is stopped if necessary. The white wines are filled with an equal pressure filler, so that the wine has almost no contact with oxygen during bottling and is superimposed with carbon dioxide before being sealed. The red wines are mostly fermented on the mash using combination fermenters or divers. The wines are aged partly in wooden barrels made of German oak between 2,000 and 8,000 litres in volume, and partly in barrique barrels made of Palatinate and French oak for the more intensive and full-bodied red wines. The winery is a member of the Forum Pfalz and the Vereinigung Pfälzer Winzergenossenschaften.

Awards of wine competitions

Year Name Wine Award
2016 Riesling du monde Wachenheimer Fuchsmantel Spätlese trocken, 2015 GOLD
Wachtenburg Winzer eG Region: Germany Pfalz Mittelhaardt/Deutsche Weinstraße


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