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Post Vinum - Der Schwarze Sekt
Winery Wines

Spumante - sparkling 2018 Dry "Der schwarze Sekt - Vino spumante nero di qualita", Emilia Romagna, Italy

Type: Spumante - sparkling
Quantity: 0.75 L
Alcohol content : 11%
Price: 17.90 €
Organic labeling: Vegan wine
Bottle closue: Natural cork
Maturing: Méthode Charmat
Registration number : #CdSC-L.A086

Wine Review Report :

wein.plus rating: very good (86 WP)
Last reviewed: 25 October, 2019
Editor note: Slightly tart nose, light nutty and yeasty notes, partly preserved black berries and cherries, hint of tobacco, bacon and undergrowth, earthy and vegetal traces. Clear, slightly off-dry, fairly juicy fruit on the palate, noticeable acid bite, light mousse at the beginning, good persistence, hint of chocolate, vegetal and herbaceous notes, hint of citrus fruit, yeasty traces, fairly prominent and fairly fine tannins, some acid bite on a good sweet and sour finish.
Best to drink: To 2020+

The region with the capital Bologna is located in the north of Italy. It extends from the Adriatic Sea in the east with the area of Romagna to the inland area of Emilia in the west. In the north, the Po River forms the border with the region of Lombardy, in the south the Apennines form the almost 300 kilometre long border with the regions of Liguria and Tuscany. The western part of Emilia was divided into the duchies of Parma and Modena, which were a constant bone of contention between the Habsburgs and the Bourbons. The name derives from the Via Aemilia, which was built by the Romans in 187 BC to connect the cities of Piacenza and...

The red grape variety comes from Italy. It is considered to be the most aromatic of the numerous Lambrusco varieties. Synonyms are Grappello Grasparossa, Lambrusco di Castelvetro and Scorzamara. The latter was first mentioned in 1867 in the municipality of Castelvetro in the Emilia-Romagna region. According to DNA analyses carried out in 2005, Lambrusco Grasparossa and Lambrusco di Castelvetro, which had been considered independent until then, were found to be identical. The late maturing vine produces tannin-, alcohol- and full-bodied red wines with intense aromas. These are used for still wines and sparkling wines. The variety is...

The red grape variety comes from Italy. Synonyms are Lambrusco Galassi (a red-leaved variety) and Lambrusco di Santa Croce. The name is derived from the cylindrical shape of the grapes, which resemble a small salami. It is the most common and qualitatively valuable of the numerous Lambrusco varieties. There are at least five different ampelographic varieties with different leaf and stem colours. The late ripening vine is susceptible to the vine wood disease Esca. It produces colour-intensive red wines rich in tannin and alcohol, with fresh acidity and fruity aromas. These are used for the production of still and sparkling wines.

Lambrusco Salamino - Weintraube und Blatt

The red grape variety comes from Italy. Synonyms are Ancellotta di Massenzatico, Ancellotti, Lancellotta, Lancelotta and Uino. It was a cross-breeding partner in the new breeding Galotta. The late maturing vine produces dark coloured, fruity red wines with low acidity. It is mainly cultivated in Emilia-Romagna, where it is used for the production of RTK (Rectified Grape Must Concentrate) and as a complexion enhancer for the light-coloured Lambrusco varieties. The variety is authorised here in the DOC wines Colli di Faenza, Colli di Rimini, Colli di Scandiano e di CanossaColli di...

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