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Domaine Zafeirakis
Winery Wines

White wine 2017 Tirnavos P.G.I. Malagousia Dry "Natura", Thessalia / Θεσσαλία, Greece

Type: White wine
Quantity: 0.75 L
Alcohol content: 12.5%
Price: 17.90 €
Organic labeling: Organic wine
Bottle closure: Natural cork
Maturing: oak barrel
Registration number: #Zaf-L08/2018

Wine Review Report:

Last reviewed: 20 May, 2020

The approximately 14,000 square kilometres large landscape or region with the capital Larissa is located on the east coast of Greece. It is known as the granary of Greece, the grain fields are located in the spacious, flat plains. The mild climate is influenced by the almost 3,000-metre-high mountains of Mount Olympus (in Greek mythology the seat of the gods) on the border with Macedonia in the west and the Aegean Sea (northern Mediterranean tributary sea) in the east. The vineyards cover 11,000 hectares, of which 7,500 hectares are table grapes and 3,500 hectares are wine grapes. Many autochthonous...

Greek viticultural history began, so to speak, with a fling of the supreme god Zeus with the beautiful Seméle (daughter of Harmonia, goddess of concord), which led to the birth of Dionysus, the god of wine, joy, grapes, fertility and ecstasy. Ancient Greece, or rather the island of Crete in particular, due to archaeological findings, is considered one of the "cradles of European wine culture". Already in the Mycenaean culture in the 16th century B.C. (Mycenae = northeastern Peloponnese) there was viticulture, as indicated by the amphorae found. Wine was an important part of the drinking culture of...

The white grape variety comes from Greece. Synonyms are Malagouzia, Malagoussia, Malagousia Blanc, Malagoyzia, Malaouzia, Melaouzia, Malaoyzia and Melaoyzia. It probably comes from the area around the port of Nafpakos in the west of the mainland. The almost extinct vine was rediscovered by Professor Vassilis Logothetis in the mid-1970s and is becoming increasingly important. The early ripening vine is susceptible to botrytis and downy mildew, but resistant to drought. It produces full-bodied, fragrant white wines with peach and apricot aromas and a light muscatel tone. The variety is mainly cultivated in the region of...

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