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Cantina Settemaggio
Winery Wines

Red wine 2014 Vindala, Tessin/Ticino, Switzerland

Type: Red wine
Quantity: 0.75 l
Alcohol content : 13.3%
Bottle closue: Natural cork
Maturing: Barrique
Registration number : #337215

Wine Review Report :

Last reviewed: 22 March, 2017
Italian name for the southern Swiss canton of Ticino; see there.

The red grape variety comes from France. The name is probably derived from the French word for blackbird (merle), because these birds like to nibble on the very sweet berries when fully ripe. However, the name can also be an allusion to the black-blue colouring of the berries similar to that of the bird. There are more than 60 synonyms, which testify the worldwide distribution. The most important are Alicante Noir, Begney, Bigney, Bigney Rouge, Bini, Black Alicante, Blue Merlot, Bordò, Cabernet del Cleto, Crabutet, Crabutet Noir, Crabutet Noir Merlau, Hebigney, Higney, Médoc Noir, Merlau, Merlot Black, Merlot Blue, Merlot Crni,...

The red grape variety (breeding no. INRA 1810-68) is a new variety between Cabernet Sauvignon x Grenache Noir(Garnacha Tinta). The crossing was made in 1961 in France by Paul Truel (1924-2014) on behalf of the INRA. The variety was first cultivated in Marseillan (Hérault, Languedoc), from which the name is derived. This vine, which ripens at a medium late stage, is resistant to powdery mildew, botrytis and trickle, as well as to heat. It produces dark-coloured, full-bodied red wines with soft tannins and ageing potential. It...

The red grape variety originates from France. The name is derived from the crimson colour of the grapes. Synonyms grouped alphabetically by country are Grande Vidure(Chile); Cabernet Gernischt, Cabernet Shelongzhu(China); Bouton Blanc, Cabernella, Cabernelle, Cabernet Carmenère, Carbonet, Carbouet, Carménègre, Caremenelle, Carménère, Carmeneyre, Grosse Vidure(France); Bordo, Cabernet , Cabernet Grosso, Uva Francesca(Italy). It must not be confused with Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Gros Cabernet or Merlot, despite the fact that they appear to...

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