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White wine "10 Anos - white", Douro, Portugal

Type: White wine
Quantity: 0.5 l
Alcohol content : 20%
Bottle closue: Natural cork
Maturing: oak barrel
Registration number : #BW-LTBUVPW10A19

Wine Review Report :

Last reviewed: 4 May, 2020

The Portuguese wine-growing region is named after the 900-kilometre-long river of the same name, on whose often very steep slopes with extreme inclination the vineyards are located. The river has its source in the Spanish province of Soria(Castilla y León), flows through northern Spain as the "Duero" and then through northern Portugal as the "Douro" until it finally flows into the Atlantic Ocean at the city of Porto. The river forms the Portuguese-Spanish border for more than 100 kilometres, after which the port wine region extends into Portugal for the same length of time.

Portwein - Karte und Weinberge

As early as 1756, under the...

The white grape variety comes from Portugal. It is one of the numerous mostly unrelated varieties with the name part Malvasia (see there in detail). Synonyms grouped alphabetically by country are Boal de Graciosa, Terrantez do Pico(Azores, Portugal); Boal, Boal da Madeira(Madeira, Portugal); Arinto do Dão, Assario, Assario Branco, Boal Branco, Boal Cachudo, Boal Cachudo do Ribatejo, Cachudo, False Clairette, Galego, Lagrima Blanc, Malvasia Galega(Portugal); Gual(Canary Islands - Spain); Terrantez do Pico, Torrontés(Spain).

Especially the often used synonym Boal is the reason for frequent...

The white grape variety comes from Portugal. The verbal horned name referring to the elongated grape shape means "cat's tail" (Rabo de Gato), some synonyms also suggest it with "monkey's tail" or "sheep's tail". Synonyms are Alva, Baldsena, Carrega Besta, Estreito, Estreito Macios, Muscatel Brava, Muscatel Bravo, Não Há, Rabigato Respigueiro, Rabisgatos, Rabo de Asno, Rabo de Carneiro, Rabo de Gato, Rodrigo Affonso, Rodrigo Alfonso(Portugal); Puesta en Cruz(Spain). It must not be confused with the varieties Donzelinho Branco, Fernão Pires (with synonym Maria Gomes), Malvasia Fina or Rabo de...

The white grape variety (also Côdega do Larinho) originates from Portugal. It should not be confused with the Síria (Códega) variety, despite the fact that it appears to have synonyms or morphological similarities. This medium-ripening, high-yielding vine is susceptible to downy mildew. It produces rather low-acid white wines with aromas of tropical fruits. The variety is mainly grown in the Douro and Trás-os-Montes areas, where it is mostly blended with Arinto do Douro(Dorinto), Rabigato and Gouveio(Godello). The Portuguese area under cultivation in 2010 was 629...
The white grape variety comes from Portugal. Synonyms are Veozinho Verdeal and Viozinho. According to DNA analyses carried out in 2006, there is a genetic relationship with the Lado, Tinta Francisca and Tinto Cão varieties. It is a very old variety, but its parentage is unknown (status 2014). The early-ripening vine is moderately susceptible to both mildew and botrytis. It produces aromatic, acidic white wines with storage potential, also known as "Portuguese Sauvignon Blanc". The variety is mainly grown in the Douro, Península de Setúbal,...
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