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Bratanov Winery
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Bratanov Winery Tasted Wines 8 Wines

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0.75 L
2017 Tamianka trocken
Up to 15.00 €
Translate to English Editor note: Pflanzliche Nase mit verhaltenen gelbfruchtigen Noten und erdigen Spuren. Trockene, für den hohen Al...
0.75 L
2016 Tamianka trocken
Up to 12.00 €
Editor note: Herbal to slightly herbaceous nose with subtle yellow fruit notes. Relatively light-bodied fruit wit...
0.75 L
2013 Cabernet Franc-Rubin-Merlot MCR Blend
Up to 15.00 €
Editor note: Slightly tobacco, earthy and leathery smell of mostly dark berries and a little cherries. Ripe, part...
0.75 L
2013 Syrah trocken Elitsa Reserve
Up to 20.00 €
Translate to English Editor note: Etwas ledrig-animalischer, leicht rauchiger und erdiger Duft nach eingekochten schwarzen Beeren, Kir...
0.75 L
2015 PGI Thracian Valley Syrah trocken Sans Barrique
Up to 10.00 €
Editor note: Very slightly open, somewhat green-vegetal to herbaceous, also slightly peppery scent of black berri...
0.75 L
2013 Merlot trocken Private Reserve
Up to 20.00 €
Editor note: Slightly fleshy, animal-like nose, ripe black berries, dried tomatoes and red pepper, leathery, eart...
0.75 L
2014 PGI Thracian Valley Merlot trocken Symbiose
Up to 8.00 €
Editor note: Slightly animal scent of blackcurrant and dried paprika with herbaceous, slightly leathery and delic...
0.75 L
2013 Syrah-Merlot trocken South Sakar Selection
Up to 11.00 €
Editor note: Tart, slightly earthy, herbaceous and vegetal nose, black berries and a lot of paprika with some asp...
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