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Borbély Családi Pincészet
Winery Wines

Rosé wine 2017 Pinot Noir dry Kinnagangon, Balaton (Plattensee), Hungary

Type: Rosé wine
Quantity: 0.75 L
Alcohol content: 12%
Price: Up to 10.00 €
Bottle closure: Screw cap
Maturing: stainless steel
Registration number: #355369

Wine Review Report:

Last reviewed: 8 September, 2018

Lake Balaton (Balaton) in Hungary is with 591 km² the largest freshwater lake in Central Europe, which is also called "the sea of Hungary". Already the Celts and Romans were cultivating wine here at the turn of time. The area is also considered to be one of the most beautiful landscapes in Hungary. Especially the northern shore with its sheltered location and excellent sunshine is perfectly suited for viticulture. The large body of water has a positive regulating influence on the climate. The soil is a combination of sand and peculiar volcanic cones, the most famous of which is Badacsony. Mainly white wines are produced here, the most common...

Hungary has a very old viticultural culture, as wines from Sopron and Eger were already a household name in the 13th century. The Greeks introduced viticulture to Hungary from the southeast up the Danube and its tributary the Tisza, and the Romans from the west across the Pannonian Plain to Lake Balaton. Despite Hun, Vandal, Goth, Tartar and Ottoman invasions over many centuries, wine was always grown in this area. Even the Ottomans, who occupied most of the country for about 160 years, did not suppress viticulture despite the ban on alcohol, gladly collected the taxes for it, but development was inhibited during that time. According to a...

The red grape variety originates from France. Around 300 synonyms testify to its great age and worldwide distribution in almost all wine-growing countries. Important or historically historically significant ones grouped alphabetically by country are, for example, Augustiner, Auvernas, Blauer Klevner, Blauer Spätburgunder, Frühschwarzer, Glasschwarz, Klävner, Klebroth, Klevner, Möhrchen, Moréote, Schwarzburgunder, Schwarzer, Schwarzer Burgunder, Schwarzer Traminer, Spätburgunder, Süßrot, Thalroter (Germany); Auvernat, Auvernas, Auvergnat, Berligout, Bourguignon, Clevner, Formentin Noir, Morillon Noir, Mourillon, Noble Joué, Noirien...

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