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Agrícola Castellana S.C.L.

Agrícola Castellana S.C.L. Tasted Wines 11 Wines

0.75 L
2018 D.O. Rueda Verdejo "Cuarenta Vendimias"
Translate to English Editor note: Nussige, etwas erdige und leicht vegetabile Nase mit Kernobstnoten und ein wenig Butter. Reife Fruch...
0.75 L
2016 D.O. Rueda Verdejo Cuarenta Vendimias
Translate to English Editor note: Etwas hefiger, erdiger und leicht getrocknet-floraler Duft mit hellen gelbfruchtigen und pflanzliche...
0.75 L
2005 D.O. Rueda Tempranillo Vacceos
Editor note: Youthful nose with ripe black berries and some red berries, cherries, light herbs and spices. Clear...
0.75 L
2001 D.O. Rueda Crianza Vacceos
Editor note: Black berries and sour cherries on the nose, light vegetal notes. More dark fruit on the palate, spi...
0.75 L
2006 D.O. Rueda Verdejo Cuatro Rayas
Editor note: Firm nose, delicate vegetal notes, green berries, pears and lime, with mineral notes. Clear and dry...
0.75 L
2006 D.O. Rueda Verdejo Azumbre Vendimia Seleccionada
Editor note: Shy nose with apples and citrus notes, dark berries and some vegetal notes. More pomaceous fruit as...
0.75 L
2003 D.O. Rueda Palacio de Vivero
Editor note: Quite strong herbal aromas, some apple and pear with a mineral note. Again herbs on the palate, deli...
0.75 L
2003 D.O. Rueda Verdejo Azumbre Vendemmia Seleccionada
Editor note: Elegantly spicy nose with hay, pears and a hint of black berries. Dry, spicy fruit, elegant acidity...
0.75 L
2002 D.O. Rueda Joven Cuatro Rayas
Editor note: Pale yellow. Aromas of apples, hay and a hint of green vegetables. Delicately juicy in the mouth, el...
0.75 L
2002 D.O. Rueda Azumbre
Editor note: Clear pale yellow. Aromas of kumquats and pear preserves. Delicate juicy fruit with filigree acidity...
0.75 L
2002 D.O. Rueda Solar de la Vega
Editor note: Yellow with a green tinge. Elegant spices and herbs on the nose, vegetal notes, citrus aromas. Elega...


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